Brief nabestaanden MH17 aan Rusland

22 januari 2016 16:10 Aangepast: 22 januari 2016 16:26

22 verschillende families van slachtoffers van de MH17-ramp hebben een brief aan de Russische president Poetin geschreven. Lees hier de complete brief.

Your Excellency,

We are writing you on behalf of a group of families of the victims of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. It is now 1,5 years ago, that 298 innocent people died in the Ukraine.

Last October the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) published its final report on the crash of MH17. The DSB stated in its report that it did not receive any (raw) primary radar data from any state involved, Ukraine, the US and Russia. Ukraine claimed all its radar systems were down. And, as far as we know, neither the Dutch government, nor the Dutch Safety Board have received primary radar information from the USA. Russia apparently claimed that their primary radar data were erased.

These (raw) primary radar data are crucial for determining the cause of the crash of flight MH17, and for identifying and prosecuting those responsible for this heinous act. For us, as bereaved families, it is very important that the perpetrators will face justice.

We do hope this will also be the case for anyone responsible for the crash of the Russian airliner killing 224 passengers aboard on 31st October 2015 in Egypt. We grieve along with the families of the victims of this disaster. Their pain is ours too.

When it comes to flight MH17, it is important to combat impunity and to reaffirm the universality of international law and resolution 2166 of the Security Council of the United Nations. According to this resolution, and according ICAO rules, all countries are obliged to provide any requested assistance and cooperate fully with the investigation.

Please, could you provide answers to our following questions:

  • Is it correct that Russia recorded but erased the primary radar data?
  • Are there any back-ups of these data?
  • Are there alternative possibilities to retrieve the primary radar data from the Russian systems?
  • Does Russia possess any satellite images that are relevant to the MH17 downing?
  • Are you willing to investigate all possibilities for retrieving (raw) primary radar data, back ups, and/or satellite data or images and make them available to DSB, the Joint Investigation Team and/or the United Nations?

Please be informed, that we have made similar requests to Secretary of State, Mr John Kerry of the USA and President Poroshenko of Ukraine.

As families, we are appealing to you personally in this matter, and ask for your support. We look forward to hearing from you and like to thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

(Namens 22 families, namen bij redactie RTL Nieuws bekend)

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