Always with me

These eight people lost close relatives or friends in the MH17 plane crash and each got a tattoo as a tribute to their deceased loved ones. RTL News brought them together.

Grief gets under your skin. It’s always there. You carry it within you, whether you want to or not. To parties, to work, to the supermarket. They all feel that way. Humberto Tan photographed their tattoos in a photo studio. This permanent, sub-epidermal tribute eternalizes memories of their loved ones killed in one of the deadliest plane crashes in Dutch history. Grief gets under your skin. Just as love does.

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Why did we make these portraits?

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Tekst: Lisanne van Sadelhoff | Fotografie: Humberto Tan en Richard Terborg | Video: Hidde Stoker en Jildou van Opzeeland | Design: Roy Vonk | Productie: Dennis van Luling | Locatie: Studio34X in Almere
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