The Netherlands retrieve Buk missile from Georgia

17 oktober 2017 17:28 Aangepast: 17 oktober 2017 17:28
A Buk missile Beeld © Openbaar Ministerie

Early this year Dutch military personnel retrieved a Buk missile from Georgia. Thus was reported to RTL Nieuws.

On February 21st personnel of the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service MIVD flew to Georgia in a Hercules owned by the Ministry of Defence. There a Buk missile was handed over to them by the authorities. The next day the cargo carrier flew back and delivered the missile on the military air base Gilze-Rijen.


The Buk missile serves as evidence in the criminal case against suspects in the downing of flight MH17. The Netherlands are, together with four other countries, preparing the criminal case in an investigation team, the JIT. The JIT already has information from tests with different versions of the Buk missile in Finland and Ukraine.

A spokesman of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (OM) thus confirmed to RTL Nieuws. The Netherlands appealed to Georgia for legal assistance because the Netherlands Forensic Institute advised to gather as much information as possible.

“For this reason the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) contacted different countries among which Finland, Ukraine and Georgia. All in line with UN resolution 2166 Georgia granted the requested legal assistance and early 2017 a Buk missile was made available for the criminal investigation.”


Sources reported to RTL Nieuws that the Buk missile will also be made available to the Ministry of Defence to gain an insight into the properties and effect of the missile. The Ministry of Defence examines to what extent the missile can be a threat to the new fighter jet JSF.

RTL Nieuws

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